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An Integrated Approach to Natural Healing

Are you experiencing prostate problems?

Are you worried you may develop prostate cancer?

Do you have family members or friends suffering with prostate problems?

Do you suffer from erectile difficulties or premature ejaculation?

Is fear keeping you stuck?

Are you a worrier?

Is life causing you stress?

If you have a yes response to one or more of these…you are far from alone. For example, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men with over 47,000 diagnoses each year. What is baffling is that since the early 1990’s, this rate is up some 44%.

However, there is some really good news!! In the last few years, the progress made in opening up to discuss prostate health has been quite extraordinary. What would have been a taboo subject for most of us has been widely discussed in the media. Men’s sport has been quite inspirational in bringing the awareness into arenas such as Premier League Football. This has assisted in bringing awareness to the prostate’s purpose, role and importance in men’s health and vitality and also proved much needed funding for research.

If, like most men, you are not in touch with your prostate, that is not only understandable, it is very logical. This disconnection however has a downside to it. As strange as it may initially sound, it does disconnect you from your own authenticity. You are instead in a culturally determined masculine role that has been put on you. This is usually handed down from generation to generation and is so just part of everyday life that it is indeed hidden in plain sight. You are unable to be your true self. You may even feel that life is missing something. Like something is holding you back.

When the prostate suffers from stress or blockages, the energy cannot circulate through the body. This can lead to lead to a whole variety of issues.

Typical initial symptoms can typically be around some prostate enlargement with some trouble when starting to urinate and some tender sensation while urinating. These are more well-known, typical symptoms.

What is less considered or widely known, is that even erectile issues and premature ejaculation can be linked back to a ‘stressed’ prostate.

Disease does not occur when your prostate is in its natural ‘unstressed’ state. We can help with both prevention and/or bringing you and your prostate back to your natural state.

We believe the body can bring itself to balance in the right environment and with the right care. That’s where we come in. To support and assist you in whatever ways feel best for you.

Our approach is holistic and integrative. We work with your emotional body, your mental body, your physical body and your spiritual body. We provide a safe nurturing place for you to learn about yourself. The journey away from your true self is making you ill. We will hold your hand and help guide you back.

We envisage a future where prostate health will bring together the best that Western science has to offer and Eastern wisdom. This integration effect means that we can even support you if you are already using Western allopathic medicine to support yourself.

The Prostate Pro’s

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