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These are just a sample of typical testimonials we have gratefully received over the last two to three years:

"Spela is a prostate PRO! I highly recommend!" 

“Thank you so much Lisa!!
I have the all clear for prostate cancer and the integrative approach is what I deem as making it all possible. The six sessions with you somehow assisted me strike the balance between the best of western science and the wisdom of the east. As I look back, what was so helpful and pivotal was your gentle approach to the prostate massage work. It will probably sound a bit counter intuitive to people to hear that I felt a very calm and safe presence during the session.

I imagine that I was so stressed by all the web information and no two doctors seemingly agreeing what was the optimal course of action for me. The calmness from the sessions seems to lead to clearer thinking and assisted me in making an informed decision on what was best for me. I am feeling fantastic and being back in the gym and doing martial arts makes me feel so alive and maybe most importantly… forever grateful for all your support, professionalism and genuine caring.”

“Dear Spela, what an amazing experience! I felt orgasmicness all over my body. I would really appreciate your guidance. I like your directness and your humour and I'm so glad I came to see you."   

"I didn’t know I held so much tension in my prostate, until Lisa started working on it. It was a surreal and weird experience as I was going through it, it’s a part of my body that is hidden and has never been touched. Over the weeks and months, the more I had this treatment, the more I held a realisation that a lot of my negativity and fears are somehow stored here, and it was not a logical realisation – I had to experience it to realise it. Over time I found myself trusting Lisa more and more, and I can honestly say that I trust her with my life. Thank you Lisa for coming into my life.”

 “I had my first prostate experience with Spela and cannot praise her enough. She is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and a wonderful technique. She is utterly professional while also being empathetic. Absolutely non-judgemental, so there is no difficulty in opening up to her. Her physical technique is beyond comparison, and I can say that with some credibility as I have been exploring Tantra for five years. My hope for the session was spiritual release through sensual experience, and the result exceeded my expectations. Spela is to be recommended for anyone seeking spiritual healing by means of sensual discovery.”

“Lisa was the most compassionate, loving, caring and understanding healer one could ever wish for. During the two sessions that I’ve had with her, she opened her arms to me and hugged me into my traumas and my emotional blockages, helping me open, unlock and release them, setting me free... Lisa is a True Guardian Angel, a Light Worker, a Blessing. If you're lucky enough to have the Universe send her your way, be sure to open that door and enter into a new chapter of your life experience. Life will never be the same again, and I´m looking forward to our next session to continue in this magical healing process guided by lovely Lisa. Thank you so much, Lisa, there are not enough words to express my eternal, loving gratitude to your kind heart.”

“Lovely Spela, thanks again for your much appreciated healing session and your follow-up email and links that I will explore. It was a useful insight to not need to drift from one spiritual tradition to another like a hungry ghost, but at the same time wisdom can be packaged and expressed nicely in different ways through different traditions. Again, let the middle way be a lamp that illuminates the path ahead.” 

“When I contacted Lisa I was a wee bit hesitant at first but soon realised that Lisa's sensitivity, wisdom, knowledge and humour allowed me to take the first steps of healing and have never looked back. In her lovely wee cottage I felt totally safe in her space and trusted her with ease. When at your lowest Lisa will comfort you with unconditional love thus allowing you to grow and take in the healing process. Lisa is a true healer and shows this with her passion to give. My experience with Lisa is very memorable to me and nwill ever leave me and my journey will be all for the better with Lisa by my side. I would recommend Lisa without hesitation for tantric healing treatment. Thank you Lisa.”

“I needed quite some time to find a courage to book a session with Spela. I wanted to take care of my prostate and get familiar with the ways in which I can prevent any possibilities of future dis-ease. The second I met her in person I noticed that all the fears and shame disappeared. She made me completely relaxed. Her professional skills and kindness are on a very high level. She explained everything I needed to know- on a professional as well as easy to comprehend level. The time of a session went away too fast. I fully relaxed and enjoyed it. It was a first time for me, but certainly not the last. See you again soon Spela!”
The Prostate Pro’s

Lisa is in Newcastle Upon Tyne
07930 391 912

Spela is in London
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