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Although men (and women) are learning more and more about the prostate, we wanted to share some typical questions that we are asked by clients who are interested in the integrated body work approach:

Q: What happens in a typical session?

A: The sessions always start on the basis of honest conversation. Your choices and consent guide our actions. We provide a safe container for you to speak up honestly about your sexual issues as well as your life.

It takes time and awareness to break a habit of acting in a certain way in order to be accepted or loved. The more you expose yourself and the more you are willing to be vulnerable, the deeper we can go. It takes a lot of awareness to just be and accept yourself for who you are without any roles and social characters.

We are here to support you and accept you as you are. After we establish genuine connection through the use of different tools and modalities, as well as meditations and exercises based on mutual consent, we proceed to bodywork and energy-healing treatments, which include work on the pelvic area and external or internal prostate massage.

Q: How long does a session usually last?

A: We recommend that you dedicate at least 3-4 hours of your time for a session. With our healing sessions we shouldn't be rushing. It takes time for the body to be ready for prostate massage and for a man to truly tune in to his prostate and feel its healing sensations.

Q: Is the prostate massaged from the outside or the inside?

A: The prostate can be massaged both externally (through the PC muscle) and internally (through the anal canal) by inserting a finger 3-4 inches into the anus and pressing towards the front of the body.

The health benefits of the prostate massage are the most effective when you follow the openness of your body to receive. The mind plays an important part as well and if you have concerns about safety, masculinity, cleanliness or gender roles, we tend to work through these with psychotherapeutic approaches before approaching the prostate with internal massage.

The male anal massage is still an area of taboo and not discussed openly. We are hoping that Prostate Cancer Awareness is shifting this and making men more comfortable in accepting their body as a whole. We take time to do our sessions slowly and gently, without forcing any kind of entry.

Q: Is prostate located in the rectum?

A: No, the prostate surrounds the urethra, behind and slightly above the bulb of the penis, a few inches inside of perineum. When we massage the rectal wall, the gentle pressure is being transferred to the prostate on the other side.

Q: What do guys typically feel during an internal prostate massage?

A: Prostate massage is a source of intense sensations which vary from man to man and can be described in various terms like "swelling", "throbbing", "pulsating", "feelings of warmth"... It can lead you to discovery of broader and more encompassing orgasms which spread the sensations beyond the pelvic area and seem to radiate all over the body. It can also feel numb or painful. Through our gentle massages, we help you change numbness and pain into pleasure.

When you are physically and psychologically ready to have your prostate activated, you will experience full body orgasms which are completely different from the orgasmic sensations you most likely have experienced until now. The prostate area is also called "The P-spot" as an erogenous zone similar to "The G- spot" in women.

The way to find out how a prostate massage feels to you is to try it for yourself and continue to consciously explore and experiment.

Q: Is the internal prostate massage dirty?

A: Stool is stored deeper in the digestive tract, not in the rectum. However, if you are concerned you can choose to do enema before coming for a session. The internal massage is clean and hygienic as we use disposable gloves.

Q: Does a prostate massage make me ejaculate?

A: Ejaculation and orgasm are two distinct processes and it's possible to experience one without the other. Prostate massage can trigger an ejaculatory orgasm (which is termed "milking the prostate") as well as nonejaculatory orgasms. The prostate massage stimulates the release of prostatic fluid and it is common that it appears in a few drops at the tip of the penis without the actual ejaculation.

Q: Can you diagnose if I have prostate-related problems?

A: No. A diagnosis can only be made through a routine medical procedure performed by your doctor.

A regular prostate massage which we provide as part of our sessions plays an important role of self-care and prevention of disease. It is beneficial to your health as it gently removes blockages and flushes out potential irritants.

Q: Do all men store tension and stress in our prostates?

A: Every part of the body can store stress and tension, including the prostate. It is important to connect with this body part from a health point of view, but also for pleasure.

Q: I am worried I will get aroused during a session and feel embarrassed.

A: It is totally normal to feel aroused during a session, or not. There is a lot of shame, fear and guilt around our sexuality which shows up in the way we feel. We provide a safe space for you to be with whatever your body and mind is experiencing.

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