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We believe it’s time to recognise the rewards of self-care. We need to look at every aspect of our lives to heal ourselves. Everyone is different, so the journey is to find out what works for you. 

The prostate will heal when brought back to its natural state, so we need to take care of it by connecting to this powerful life force, bringing good intentions and higher vibration to this too long neglected part of the body. By doing this, you will heal every area in your life, as everything is connected.

As sexual therapists, we have gained extensive knowledge through working with hundreds of clients and we are continuously learning.

We don’t force or push, but provide a safe and nurturing place for you to learn about yourself. We touch and teach with love, care and compassion.

We don't only consider ourselves as healers, but also as guides. We support you on your own individual journey, finding your way back home.
We teach how to master ejaculation control, build sexual energy, as well as how to develop inner orgasmic states. When you manage to learn to exercise the prostate, you can also prolong love-making and become an even more confident lover.
The Prostate Pro’s

Lisa is in Newcastle Upon Tyne
07930 391 912

Spela is in London
07783 113 436


An Integrated Approach to Natural Healing