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Our approach is holistic. We work with your emotional body, your mental body, your physical body and even your spiritual body. We provide a safe nurturing place for you to learn about yourself.

The bodywork sessions are designed to work in phases to assist in releasing stress built up in the whole body. We find for example that most men carry lots of stress in their shoulder areas, and this is not as unrelated the stress found in the prostate as you might imagine.  

A typical session would be approximately 4 hours. The advantage of this is that we can shift a huge amount of stress in just one session, whilst also being gentle with the body allowing you to open up naturally.

Every session is uniquely individual and guided by you and your unique needs.  We work with you from where you are and support you every step of the way. You may not be ready for the physical prostate work straight away and it is important to listen to your own body and do what is right for you.

The bodywork may include an internal and external prostate massage which increases prostate health by removing stagnant fluids and improving blood circulation. This area stores many unreleased and bottled up stresses and may feel either numb, painful or pleasurable.

Prostate exercising will help you control ejaculation, which is crucial in handling the energetics of healing sexuality.

We are strategically placed in both London and Newcastle to serve the country and near airports for those travelling from abroad.

For more information please contact us info@prostateheal.com.
The Prostate Pro’s

Lisa is in Newcastle Upon Tyne
07930 391 912

Spela is in London
07783 113 436


An Integrated Approach to Natural Healing